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The Refined Bloom co is a studio based florist, located outside of the Ballarat area.  We specialise in designing timeless, romantic and thoughtful designs for weddings, events and editorials.  Our creations continually grow and develop in style, always focusing on creating work with warmth, personality, and putting the natural shape and flow of each flower, on show.

Being both qualified in floristry and visual merchandising, we love to fully immerse ourselves in the overall styling process.  Additional features and materials are often used in conjunction with florals in our designs.  We are incredibly blessed to be surrounded with a wealth of local flower growers, and pride ourselves on being able to source sustainably grown, high quality flowers, when seasonally available.

Our mission is to connect with our clients, and create a personal experience, giving you our undivided care and attention.  We want to create floral filled memories, that stick in your mind forever!

To check out our most recent work, you can follow us on Instagram @therefinedbloomco

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